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Sayonara Osaka

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who has just finished his working holiday visa in Japan!

Sayonara Osaka!

Japan is my third country to complete a working holiday visa (first being Australia and second NZ).

It is also the country where i got my hands on a DSLR camera! The Nikon D40, and i have been learning as much as i can when i can.

I’ve also had alot of regrets since starting to learn photography – mainly wishing i had started sooner, All those places and moments previously that could have been captured….

Oh well! Will make up for it from now on!

Over the next 9 weeks i will be heading to a number of destinations around Asia, hoping to implement my newly found motivaton for photography and build on skills i started in Japan.

So, Wish me luck! 😛


Some types of photography attempted so far:

Long Exposure

CityscapeLong Exposure


High Speed Photography

High Speed Water shot

Landscape Photography

And Capturing sunsets!

Goodbye and Goodnight Osaka!